Cricket Australia Product Roadmap

Updated on the 19/09/2023

This page outlines the feature enhancements that are currently under consideration, and scheduled to be delivered, across both PlayHQ and the PlayCricket App.

The PlayHQ features below continue to focus on delivering the best possible experience for administrators, scorers and team managers/captains and coaches. Whilst the PlayCricket App features are centred around providing brilliant experiences for players and fans alike, with current and historical data.

As scheduled features are released in production their status will update from ‘upcoming’ to ‘complete’.

The features that are currently under consideration have been collated based on customer support queries and feedback from club & association administrators. These items are being actively prioritised and in the coming weeks we expect a number of these features to be scheduled for delivery in the second half of the 22/23 season.

Cricket Australia knows that statistics are an important part of cricket, and that’s why we are building a solution (sitting outside of PlayHQ) that will ensure Season Grade / Player Statistics are publicly available to club & association administrators ahead of the 22/23 ‘awards season’. We will provide further details regarding this solution in the coming weeks.

This page does not cover any known issues across both products. You can monitor our progress as we look to address known issues here.

*Subject to change pending definition, sequencing, and prioritisation decisions.

System Feature Detail Status
Delivered for 22/23 Season
PlayHQ E-Scoring Select Next Bowler Enhancements On the selecting a new bowler window, the 'Scorecard' button has been added, so scorers can view bowling statistics and team scores when selecting a new bowler. In addition, the ability to click outside the window has been removed, which incorrectly starts a new over with the wrong bowler, causing overs to be skipped accidentally. Complete
PlayHQ E-Scoring Device Takeover Enhancements Scorers who are scoring offline, will be now see an offline symbol whilst scoring a game. In addition, an updated warning message will appear when taking the game over to notify scorer that scores may be lost if they take over from an offline device. Complete
PlayHQ E-Scoring Showing the scorecard as its own menu item Within electronic scoring (, whilst using a tablet or mobile device, in order to access the scorecard, scorer's previously needed to tap the 'Options' menu followed by 'Scorecard'. 'Scorecard' now has its own standalone menu item to increase visibility and utilisation. Complete
PlayHQ E-Scoring Showing the over number on the main scoresheet interface Within electronic scoring (, the over number was previously only displayed within the event log, it will now appear on the main interface above the team scores. Complete
PlayHQ Admin Re-ordering of bowling statistics Update across PlayHQ Cricket platform to show bowling statistics in order of Overs (O), Maidens (M), Runs (R) and Wickets (W). This also includes the relocation of Wides (WD) and No-Balls (NB) to the last columns. Complete
PlayHQ Admin Specify Wicket Keeper in Line-up When selecting a line-up, there will be an option to identify the wicket keeper which will be displayed in the line-up across PlayHQ Complete
PlayHQ Admin Block Live Scored games from being Edited from Admin Portal Currently if a game is being live scored and administrator makes a change to the scores or line-ups in the admin portal, the scorer is locked out of the game in e-scoring and scores from the e-score device are replaced with the information from the admin portal, often resulting in lost data. This change would remove the ability for admins to edit line-up or scores within the admin portal whilst a game is being live scored, ensuring the scoring session is not interrupted and data is not lost. Complete
PlayCricket App Career statistics There will be a progressive release (commencing in the first half of the season) of senior players being able to see their combined player statistics (PlayHQ & PlayCricket data) when navigating via the scorecard in the PlayCricket App Complete
PlayCricket App Umpires appearing in the PlayCricket App Umpires allocated within OfficialsHQ will appear within the PlayCricket App within the match summary for their select game(s). Complete
PlayHQ Admin Ladder Ranking Order Options Association administrators will have the ability to select the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sort options for ladders in the scenario where two or more teams are tied on ladder points. Administrators will be able to choose between all available ladder attributes in these options. Complete
PlayHQ Admin Manual Bonus Points If toggled on by the association administrator, club and associations will be able to provide bonus points to a team on a game which will count towards their overall ladder points Complete
PlayHQ Admin Exclude Bonus Points From Overall Ladder Associations can choose whether the bonus points apply to the Overall Ladder or just the Game Type (T20, One Day & Two Day) ladder. Complete
PlayHQ Admin Add "Unlimited" hours option to Club Score Entry setting Additional option available to association administrators in the club score entry setting 'Unlimited'. When selected clubs would have an unlimited amount of time to enter scores and player stats. Complete
PlayHQ Admin Ladder Adjustments for game type ladders Association administrators can currently apply ladder adjustments to overall competition ladders, this enhancement would allow ladder adjustments to specific game type ladders (Two day, One day or T20) Complete
PlayCricket App Profile claiming Participants (and parents/guardians) will be able to claim PlayCricket profiles with their Cricket ID Complete
Scheduled for delivery – 23/24 Season
PlayHQ Admin Live Scorecard on Admin Portal Currently hero scores display live in the PlayHQ admin portal. This enhancement would show the full live scorecard including player stats. Complete
PlayHQ Admin Game Day Indicators Identify which games have not had individual statistics entered, and if individual players stats do not add up to the overall team score. Complete
PlayHQ Fielding Statistics All Views - A new section to cricket scorecards which includes catches as a fielder, catches as a wicketkeeper, run out assisted, run out unassisted and stumping. Complete
PlayHQ E-Scoring DLS Calculator Within electronic scoring (, for games that have had a reduction in the number of overs, the application will automatically calculate the new target total based on DuckWorth Lewis Stern (Professional Edition) methodology. If your grade uses a different calculation, the target total can still be overwritten easily if required Complete
PlayHQ Admin Scorecard validation When entering results via the Admin Portal or My Teams, if player statistics do not add up to the overall game score, users would be prompted with a warning message Commenced
PlayHQ Admin Additional Auto Approval Settings Streamlines player movements within the same club. Admin Body and Association Admins will be able to turn on auto approvals for internal player movements, meaning no intervention by the club is required. Commenced
PlayHQ Admin Multiple Bank Accounts Clubs will be able to link multiple bank accounts to their payment gateway on Commenced
PlayHQ E-Scoring Secondary Scoring Device Two scorers can score a match at the same time without needing to turn one device offline. Note - second scorer is for comparison purposes only. Commenced
PlayHQ Admin Clash Management Enhancements In-platform view of all games taking place across all venues involving an association. Enables admins to easily identify any potential clashes across competitions and associations. Commenced
PlayHQ E-Scoring Mankad – Record Wicket Without a Ball Scorers can record a wicket that is taken between balls. Commenced
PlayHQ E-Scoring Par Score Display To provide additional information to the scorer regarding if the batting team would win or lose if the the game was cut short due to weather or bad light Commenced
PlayCricket App Video highlights for FrogBox Wicket & Boundaries replays available within the PlayCricket App Commenced
PlayCricket App Improvements to personal dashboard ‘Next match’ cards will be available in the PlayCricket App for PlayHQ matches Commenced
Priority functionality – Under consideration
PlayHQ Admin Quotient calculation Update We are currently reviewing the way quotient is being calculated for ladder. Specifically, we are considering the option to use the max number of wickets instead of wickets taken in a match Under Consideration
PlayHQ Admin Add "Draw" as a game outcome to T20 & One Day games If T20 & One Day games have been started but had not enough overs played to constitute a result, instead of calculating this as an "Abandon" game outcome, it will now be referred to as a "Draw" Under Consideration
PlayHQ Admin Remove Compulsory close as an innings closure status for 2nd innings We are currently reviewing the Innings Closure Status' in Admin Portal. Specifically we are considering the option to remove Compulsory Close for teams 2nd innings Under Consideration
PlayHQ Admin Scorecard adjustments from Admin Portal without locking out e-score Provide administrators the ability to edit line-ups and scores from My Teams or the Admin Portal whilst a game is being e-scored, meaning edits required between days of play, could be made in the admin portal, rather than on the e-score device Under Consideration
PlayHQ Admin Display Game Outcomes on PlayHQ Display the game outcome on score cards & Admin Portal to clearly identify the game result Under Consideration
PlayHQ Admin View who last edited the game and when Allows admin to see when the last edit was made to a scorecard Under Consideration
PlayHQ Admin Ordering of Grades Allows association administrators to pick the order that grades will be displayed on so participants can find their grade easier Under Consideration
PlayHQ eScoring Scoring on 2nd device enhancement Currently if you wish to score on a 2nd device, you need to turn the 2nd device offline. This enhancement will allow the 2nd device to stay online but still score the game without interrupting the primary device which is "live" scoring Under Consideration
PlayHQ eScoring Add players to a game who have not yet been allocated to a team in e-score Allows scorers to add players who have not yet been allocated to the team, to a line up for a match. This eliminates the need for a club administrator to access the Admin Portal on the day of the match to perform this task Under Consideration